Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lassen Volcanic National Park

One of the advantages of traveling by vehicle rather than by air is the opportunity you have to take in the scenery along the route to your destination.  In 2006 our trip to the Redwood National Forest also included a brief stop in Lassen Volcanic National Park in the north central part of California.  It was a beautiful drive and much to our amazement there was still snow on the ground in the middle of July.

The pictures from this trip were taken with my Kodak P850 Digital Camera.  This was one of those trips where I realized how much I missed my SLR functionality.

1/250, f/2.8, ISO 50, 11.4mm

1/400, f/2.8, ISO 50, 36mm

1/800, f/2.8, ISO 50, 36mm

1/500, f/4, ISO 50, 6mm

1/640, f/4, ISO 50, 36mm

1/500, f/4, ISO 50, 36mm

1/640, f/4, ISO 50, 6mm

1/60, f/2.8, ISO 50, 53mm

1/640, f/2.8, ISO 50, 36mm

1/500, f/4, ISO 50, 6mm

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