Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Deer Hunting

My wife and I went on a little deer hunting trip.
We drove around a while and got a couple of 
great opportunities to shoot some deer 
with our Canon.


  1. You know I enjoy driving around the countryside and I had fun seeing all deer and even a coyote.

  2. Not much is left if you shoot a deer with a cannon...

    Oh, wait I see what you did there! :)

  3. Great shots! The most I see of these creatures are leaping out in front of my car in my own neighborhood! I love the picture of the sunset. So dramatic. Thanks for doing the 30 Words challenge! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. That sunset shot is fabulous! I'm not sure I'll ever get used to seeing these creatures bound across the highway (or on the side of the roadway when they don't make it). I wish they could stay safely in pretty sunset fields like yours!