Thursday, February 19, 2015

If I Could Go Back - Thirty Word Thursday

Yarn, a big heart, and 39 grandchildren.  
If I could go back to my childhood,
I’d hug my Grandma
and tell her how much
the homemade mittens
meant to me.

Grandpa died when I was three and Grandma never had much.  But every year at Christmas she had something for everyone of her 39 grandchildren.  Mittens, pillow cases, hats, scarfs, and whatever else she could make.  I can only imagine that she felt somewhat sad that we didn't get as excited about our gifts as she wanted us to be.  It's too bad it takes growing older ourselves to understand and appreciate what she did for us.  Her sacrifice, our reward.  Wish she was here so I tell her that now I understand how nice those gifts really were.

1 comment:

  1. That is really touching! I can feel the love for your grandma and how much it means to you, even if it is in hindsight. I am sure that she is smiling down on you that the lessons and values she was hoping you would learn has sunk in! Thank you for sharing that lovely tribute. Enjoy the day! Erin