Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter Is Coming Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge #9: Winter Is Coming from Jack of all Brews

This week's challenge was to take advantage of our winter landscape and try to take some pictures relating to snow, ice, or frost.  Or for anyone living in a nicer clime, I just left it as "go take some pictures outside so we can with we were there!"

The photos I chose were from a couple of years back.
I like a good snow about once a year
and then I'm ready for springs return.

One advantage to a big snow is having your kids trapped at home!

I'm getting a little old for sledding but there were some great photo ops!!

I really liked the way the Superman logo came into focus on this shot!

Nothing like home sweet home in the middle of winter!


  1. Thanks for taking part again. I really like the action shots! I'm going to have to make motion the focus of one of the future challenges, but I think I'll do it when it gets warmer around here!