Saturday, December 13, 2014

Crop It Challenge

Cropping photos is one of the easiest editing techniques and it can create some very dramatic differences on the end result.  This weeks challenge is all about cropping and although we're suppose to show the results of two photos after cropping, I picked a couple extra just because.

So here's this weeks challenge from
Challenge #2 is another easy one, but a technique that is essential to modern photography; Cropping.  Since this is a pretty easy one I'm making it a two part challenge.  First I want you to fix a picture (by cropping) that "ruined" by somebody's head, random passerby, car driving by, etc.  Second I want you to take a picture that is "good" on its own but needs to be cropped to either get closer up to the subject or move it to a more pleasing spot in the frame.

Lots of clutter in this photo.

Manually cropped with Vignette effect form Picasa

Original shot with no editing

Final result with a little cropping and editing in Picasa

Neat background for this photo but a bit too much

Cropped in with some basic editing in Picasa the colors pop
 to create a beautiful background for this Sr. shot.

Extra Credit?

Hard to imagine something of value in this photo.

Manually cropped with Vignette effect form Picasa

When I shot this photo I knew I'd be doing some cropping to get a panoramic pic

Creating cool panoramic shots is one of my favorite things to do while cropping.
Simply take the shot with a wide angle setting and then use the tools to bring it to life.
Manually cropped with Vignette effect form Picasa

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  1. These are great! I actually almost included the panoramic crop technique but thought it might be too much for one challenge. Overachiever! I like subtle vignette in the car photo--helps focus in the center of that one. Looking at your photos I realize that I need to try my hand at portraits one of these challenges as well.